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@2003-07-22 10:37:56
Hi everybody,

Appreciate all your comments. I was just wondering if anyone has ever tried or used the Audio learning version of some of the prep providers. If so any comments ?


@2007-04-06 06:50:21
Yes, I currently use audio learning (mp3) as a complement to my study notes, and am very please with it. I feel it helps by making it possible to access the material more times than would otherwise have been the case, e.g. I can listen to the study notes while travelling from/to work, I can also listen to the notes while doing other things and the repetition I get from this makes me remember more; I pick up little details that I would otherwise have missed.
@2007-04-12 03:40:47
hi, i would like to know where i can get the audio for review?
@2007-04-20 02:38:54
how are you doing?
and how can i get this?
@2007-04-20 17:48:13
Some course providers offer audio notes. There are basically two ways of obtaining audio notes: 1) to purchase from some course provider (search www) or 2) make your own audio notes
@2007-06-05 20:51:25
In addition to audio notes, I'd like to download video lectures to my iPOD to review on the train. Any available and where?

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