AuthorTopic: Audit work experience level 3
@2017-02-24 17:12:26
I worked in several companies for four years before I went back campus for MBA. When I register for Level 3 exam, I found that I have to self-report my work experience and it will also be random audit.

I am wondering when CFAI will audit the work experience if you are randomly selected. And what kind of proof they want? Since both two companies I worked for went bankrupted and closed. I only can find the former boss who could write a letter or answer an interview for me if possible. And my position tile in one company is manager assistant, however, my job responsibilities are related to investment decision making by prearing for data and conducting site visit and analyzing financial statements.

Any comments would be welcome,

@2017-02-28 12:07:16

I just got selected (I passed L2), wrote them something and they sent it back and it was fine-no big deal. Did you got to VPI?


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