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@2015-10-10 00:09:34
What is the average salary for 28 year old in finance in general. I am in Northeast. NYC, Boston and Greenwich. I've been bouncing around these cities and will probably settle down in Boston. Any thoughts?
@2015-10-11 07:09:32
What do you do? Finance is so broad a category. Are you talking investment management, investment analysis, retail brokerage, corporate, commercial lending, etc. You can work in finance and be a complete failure. The range is probably 14k/yr to 30MM/yr.
@2015-11-13 15:34:48
im in NYC....i would say it ranges from 40,000 - 3,000,000
@2015-11-28 21:11:12
First of all, a wage is usually thought of in terms of hourly pay, which most people making >100 are not hourly. So, since the normal pay structure for someone in salary range of 100+ includes a bonus, I'm not sure what your point is? Are you saying 100K is a lot of money, hence it is unlikely to keep increasing? If so, I guess that depends on where you are coming from, but in the big picture notwithstanding the fact that it is good money for a comfortable life, you aren't going to get rich living in NY, SF, or LA making $100K per year, sorry.
@2017-01-23 16:58:00
ya never ever keep thinking that u will have all money from salary only look 4 other options u can generate fro mm that money simply

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