AuthorTopic: BA II Plus Problem, need help please!
@2014-05-23 18:13:39
Hi guys, I'm preparing for June 2014 exam, just bought my BA II Plus calculator, got along really well in university and through the curriculum with a Sharp Financial Calculator and math one. However, I seem to have problem with this particular calculator.

For example, let's say I want the present value of an annuity that will pay me 1000$ per year for 10 years at a 9% annual rate.

I start by CLR TVM, N=10,PMT=1000,I/Y=9,CPT PV=-9599.58$

Which is false because it should give me -6417,66... Anyone can try to help me please
@2014-05-24 19:25:28
When I do it exactly as you've outlined, I get the correct answer. Are you sure your calculator is configured correctly?

Setting up your Calculator via "Mastering Your Financial Calculator - Texas Instruments: TI - BA II Plus" (can be found via google, public pdf file):

Find the 2nd Key in the upper left
Setting the number of decimal places:

2nd key then Format key
Display reads DEC
4 then Enter, CE/C to clear display

Setting payments to End of period (if BGN appears in display)

2nd key then BGN key (display BGN)
2nd key then SET key (display END
CE/C to clear display

Setting the number of payments per period:

2nd key then I/Y key
Display reads P/Y = .
1 then Enter, CE/C to clear display

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