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@2003-10-31 03:28:55
Hi everyone,
I am currently a 3rd year undergraduate student. May i know if i can take the June 2004 Level one exam? I dont quite know if i have met the degree requirement on website.

Thanks for answering.
@2003-11-04 17:05:19
You have to demonstrate that you will graduate in the year you are taking your level 1 exam if you haven't already graduated.
You can qualify for the exams if they grant you an acceptable education/work experience which they equate to a degree.
@2003-11-05 01:27:04
If i say in the application form that i am going to graduate by Dec 2004, but unfortunately, i fail in one course in next year which makes me unable to graduate at the graduation time that i said in my applcation form. If this really the case, what can i do? or what will AIMR do?
Thanks a lot for all helps.
@2003-11-05 14:21:51
You should go on to the AIMR website and look at the registration requirements. You could also try emailing
If I remember correctly you have to complete your degree before the end of the year in which you write your first exam or else your exam results will be erased meaning even if you pass it, they won't give you credit for it. I'm not sure if you get your money back, but somehow I doubt it.
Basically, they kick you out, and you have to start again, even if you passed.
Seems kind of silly, but they make the rules I guess.

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