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@2010-03-02 22:39:28

I am from engineering background with close to ZERO knowledge about finance. I wonder if it is sufficient to take on LEVEL 1 exam by self-study with the help of AnalystNotes Products. Is it realistic?

Hope someone can advise me.

Thanks and Regards.
@2010-04-06 19:25:12
It is realistic as long as you prepare adequately. It will be a hit or miss if you go on the study notes alone. Understand that you are learning the material that the test MAY focus on and not the broad underlying concepts. Some of the accounting may be difficult for you if you're starting with a blank slate. You may find that the notes are enough or you may find that you can answer the questions from AnalystNotes or Schweser but not CFAI. I have spoken to plenty of people who went on the notes alone, but they had worked in the finance industry previously. This may not be what you're wanting to hear but it will be harder for you without finance, MBA or accounting experience. Good luck to you.
@2010-04-12 15:26:58
i think textbooks would do. accounting and finance can be learned in time. so good luck on your future endeavors.

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