AuthorTopic: Bahrain- Dec 2008
@2008-02-27 12:44:19
Hi All,

Lets have an online study groups. we can share experience and problems with each others through this forum &/or MSN.
@2008-03-13 07:06:31
Hi Abudullah i would like to be with you in one group
@2008-03-13 19:40:50
al salamo alikm
i hope to join yr study group
@2008-03-28 07:57:48
Al Salmo Alikom

Let me join your group also.

1st Q: I think the exam site for Dec2008 is Abu Dhabi,UAE only. Isn't it?

2nd Q: what is your study plan as I think even the exam in Dec. time is still critical item.

Waleed Ghandour,CMA
Tamimi Group
@2008-06-06 20:41:52
Hi guys,

I'm Nayim, will be in Kuwait from this summer. Plan to take the Dec08 test in Abu-Dhabi.

Waiting to receive the study materials. Suggest we share ideas and insights on this forum!

Best to All.
@2008-06-12 10:26:45
Hi guys, I am Louis in Dubai.
Let's work together.

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Craig Baugh