AuthorTopic: Band 10 Fail - Prep Begins Sunday
@2016-03-01 18:53:49
Dec '15 Band 10 fail here....miserable

suprisingly enough I've been working a bit on QBANK and havent forgotten nearly as much as I would have imagined. Yes, I'm a little rusty on the formulas but I feel good.

I figure over the next 3 months I can get it all in. anyone else in my shoes?
@2016-03-05 16:10:35
Do as many questions and practice/mock/sample exams as possible and study weak areas as indicated by them. Get a copy of study notes from analystnotes and read that often. Know ethics in & out. Prepare yourself mentally to be strong enough to handle a 10 hr test day (6 hrs of testing, 2 hr break, ~2hrs getting to test center, etc).
@2018-04-14 14:09:01
I hear you SamAustin. I was a band 9 failure in December 2016. I too failed to do enough practice questions. Reading the material will only get you so far.

Yea I was upset but happy that I at least put in all that time (200hrs) and at least got a band 9...

i figure another 50 hours to get back up to speed and then 100 hours of new review and i ll be golden.

I am not re-reading the text. I made copious notes (100 pages size 10 font via word) from all my past readings.

To get back up to speed:
Re-read my notes
Read study notes here.
Review my notecards and selected materials from text

To study:
Review questions and 10 Mocks from analystnotes. test until i know it.

my downfall was not enough testing. I did all of the CFAI practice questions as I read, but didnt do a lot of questions during the last month. It was my own fault.

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Thanks again for your wonderful site ... it definitely made the difference.
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