AuthorTopic: basic questions - how close are they to the real thing?
@2019-07-09 21:23:22
How close are AN's basic questions to the real thing?

I've been scoring 9 out 10 on those and they seem almost too easy. Thoughts from anyone who's taken L1?

@2019-07-10 15:36:08
lola, the basic questions are pretty intuitive but nonetheless are important.

A few reasons:

- it's often easy to read something and think "yeah, I get it" but the practice questions at least require you to demonstrate your understanding on a basic level
- the review questions and mock questions will be more difficult, these basic questions help bridge the gap
- basic questions, in conjunction w/ study notes can be an effective tool for review in the weeks prior to your exam (i.e., yeah, they're easy now, but in 2 months when you've read several hundred pages of other material, will you still remember that concept/definition/equation... part of the reason they're easy now is b/c you've literally just finished the chapter containing the relevant information: it's fresh in your head.)

To answer your question more directly: the review and mock questions, on average, will be more difficult than the basic questions. Some exam questions will just sound easy and be laden w/ traps.

In my preparations for LI and LII, I've found that the more practice, the better. Give yourself about 3-6 weeks before the exam for review and practice exams. Just my $0.02.
@2019-09-20 10:04:20
i believe the basic questions given at the back of each LOS or subject are very easy. that too you tend to do the questions immediately after you have finished reading the LOS. this way you score almost 100% because you remember evrything at that time. make sure you remember the theory for longer duration(revise once). review questions of each study session are good enough to come in exam. remember there wont be many number crunching problems in exam as i had expected. questions would be basic but conceptual .. dont leave a single LOS you can expect questions from trivial topics also ..

i would suggest you to do questions from analystnotes' mock exams which will help you accustom to the speed in the exam.

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