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@2019-04-05 23:29:13
Dear all,

Regarding the questions on this site, how comparable are they to real exam questions?
Which reflects the actual exam's difficulty more?

Take care
@2019-04-11 19:45:54
The questions on this site are solid, some of them are easier than real exam and some are harder. If you can average 70-80% on questions on this site and given you covered CFAI official materials well, you should do good on the actual exam.
@2019-04-12 01:51:54
Thanks alot..
but what about the 2 types of questions on the website (the basic and the exam) for each study session, are the supposed to be on the same difficul. level? or the basic ones are just for testing concepts while the (exam questions) are the ones that resemble the real exam questions?
@2019-04-12 11:01:58
that's it !!
@2019-06-10 17:07:22
I actually have the same question as AWR83. Which is more useful as it related to the exam: basic or exam questions? If, let's say we had no time to review both, which ones would you suggest to go over ?

PS. I can also print them out, which is a big help! (Wish I could print the exam questions out)
@2019-08-02 06:36:20
A lot of the review questions that go along with each session are pretty good. The questions in the practice exams I thought were mostly a lot harder than CFAI actual and mocks.

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Thanks again for your wonderful site ... it definitely made the difference.
Craig Baugh

Craig Baugh