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@2016-07-01 13:33:37
What are my chances of breaking into Portfolio Management? Am I too old? Has the window of opportunity passed me by? Here is my profile. I would be curious to hear your thoughts, insights, and general comments.

Age: 39

Education: Undergrad - Temple University
Dual Major - Finance / Risk Management & Insurance 3.55 gpa

Grad - Pennsylvania State University MBA - 3.74 gpa

Past Professional Licenses: Series 7 (2007) - General Securities Exam
Series 63 (2007) - State Uniform Sec. Exam
Series 86 (2008) - Life Insurance Exam
Series 87 (2008) - Accident & Disability Insurance
Pennsylvania Salesperson Real Estate License (1985)

CFA: Level III candidate, passed level 1 & 2 consecutively 2012, 2013

Current Job: Joined new firm in November 2011 as a Technical Analyst in training. Working with the head Technical Analyst with over 20 years experience. The firm is a solid firm managing over 10 billion dollars of institutional client assets.

Past Positions (most recent to oldest):
10 Years as a general financial analyst with a small private invement advisory firm managing 300 million in client assets.
2 Year as a Broker (Registered Representative) for Pru-Bache Securities (now Prudential Securities).
5 Years in a variety of positions (Margin Clerk-Bookkeeper, Wire Operator, Registered Sales Assistant to large producing broker) at Merrill Lynch.
After ceasing to be a broker about 11 years ago I have wanted to become a Portfolio Manager. I have worked as an Analyst since then with hopes of being able to work into a PM position. I have had no luck as of yet and with so many unemployed financial professionals due to the bear market over the last several years I am wondering if at my age whether or not I will ever get that opportunity.
With the bleak employment picture in the investment arena I guess I should be happy just to have a good job, yet I still yearn for the opportunity to manage portfolios.
@2016-07-25 13:35:29
Well, the most important thing is to make CONNECTIONS, CONNECTIONS!!!! Generally, PM jobs are taken before the ad hits the market ;-(. Knowing the right people makes all the difference... Let's be honest, PM isn't rocket science... It takes dedication, experience, and LUCK to be a great PM. Before someone jumps on my back for the "not rocket science", yes, some PM jobs are extremely demanding and you probably need to have the intelligence of a rocket scientist, but most others...

Do you feel lucky?


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Thanks again for your wonderful site ... it definitely made the difference.
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Craig Baugh