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@2019-10-01 22:32:19
Hi all. I have a few questions.

1. Is the Curriculum longer (amount of material and/or # of pages) or the Schweser or AnalystNotes study notes?

2. Is it quicker to cover the entire Curriculum or all of the Schweser or AnalystNotes which cover the entire curriculum? This may depend on the way the material is presented such that a reader is able to understand better. It may also depend on the amount of material or number of pages.

3. Basically, which method(the Curriculum or the SchweserNotes) is the quicker and and at the same time more effective way to prepare for the Level 1 Exam in December?

I see on the homepage that the majority of people rely on just the study notes of Schweser or AnalystNotes and very few people rely just on the Curriculum so I took that as an indicator that the study notes are more preferred.

I would greatly appreciate all of your opinions on this because I don't have much time left to prepare but since I'm not working, I can definitely prepare but I need the quicker but at the same time effective way to prepare for the exam.

Thank you all very much
@2019-10-11 14:13:15
With less time and many hours in your hand you can still finish everything.

1. The curriculum (CFAI books) is very vast and would take months to just read through? rely on study notes. either Schweser or AnalystNotes should be good enough.

2. quicker to finish just all of the study notes as its all concise.

All the best!

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