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@2017-12-23 17:51:25

I was going to do L1 in December 2018, but did some other exams instead....I read ethics and quant and did OK on it.

I have the June 2017 CFA books and analystnotes - any suggestions on which to concentrate on and the order of study sessions I should do....i.e. should I do SS4- onwards and re-cap 1-3 afterwards?

Should I use analystnotes and refer to CFA books only on problem parts?

Advice sought

Many thanks in advance
@2018-01-30 13:50:19
I felt that the most important sections are:

-ethics (15%)
-quants (~10%)
-FSA (20%)
-Equities (10%)
-Fixed Income (12%)

Equities and fixed income together is about half the amount of work of FSA, so there's an easy 22%.

Do these first then re-study them again once you do everything else. Definitely you should study and practice these sections at least twice before the exam.

I felt the eco and derivatives churned up alot of time for not being worth much. They have a massive amount fo material for their weights.

Good luck!

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