AuthorTopic: Best way to prepare for CFA level 1?
@2011-12-10 06:43:10
I need an advice on what is the best way to prepare for the CFA exam. I am currently employed and prefer to self study. I understand there are a number of ways to do it.
1) Purchase all the text books from CFA institute and do the reading.
2) AnalystNotes or Schwesner? They look like "the two" in the market from what I have heard from people around me. Which one is the most effective and affordable?

I am open to other methods and options which I may not be aware of.

Need your expertise.
@2011-12-12 22:23:31
for Level I, I used only analystnotes' online package. And that was sufficient.
@2012-06-14 11:53:14
I went two-for-two with analystnotes. I thought it was great but unfortunately it does not offer level 3. Obviously, I'm not in a position to compare it to schweser, as I haven't used it. All I know is, had I used the textbooks alone I would have gone one-for-six and dropped out a loonnnnng time ago.
@2012-07-14 16:09:59
get Schweser books ... study hard ... you will pass...$950?
@2018-10-23 11:40:00
I'm using AnalystNotes pro and the text books only when i need some more deep knowledge where when something is not clear to me.

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I used your notes and passed ... highly recommended!