AuthorTopic: black scholes merton: I am confused.
@2010-07-06 17:24:58
i guess this is a history question. why is it that sometimes i hear people talk about the "black scholes model" and sometimes they talk about the "black scholes merton model"? the cfai text calls it black scholes merton but other places on the internet call it just black scholes. i assume (maybe i'm wrong) they're talking about the same thing. i just can't figure out why the different nomenclature.

just curious.

@2010-07-12 10:19:25
Well, Black didn't live to see it, and since the Nobel Prize is not given posthumously, only Scholes and Merton got it. People are pretty unanimous that Black would have gotten it too if he had lived long enough.

Makes you wonder about the process of giving Nobel Prizes. There must be some people who get it in a particular year because "if you wait too long, they might not be eligible."

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