AuthorTopic: Book 'Analysis for Equity Investment'
@2005-03-02 11:01:20
Has any of you level 2 candidates read the book 'analysis for equity investments'. I think its one of the best books in finance that i have read. The way john stowe explains concepts is really cool! and practical. Wish all writers could be like him.
@2005-03-02 18:13:14
The book should be relabelled finance for dummies. Its WAY oversimplified.
@2005-03-04 15:19:26
So then i guess you would be a dunmmy to be on the CFA program. Because this is one of the selected books by AIMR.

@2005-03-04 19:11:42
Well, the CFA is pretty intro finance level. Sorry to burst your bubble.
@2005-03-16 05:20:41
Oh my gosh, you must be such a smart guy, valentim, I am impressed now.

CFA Discussion Topic: Book 'Analysis for Equity Investment'

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I used your notes and passed ... highly recommended!