AuthorTopic: Burned out from the studies
@2013-09-02 16:27:43
I am getting a little burned out from the CFA studies and work...
@2013-09-06 12:36:07
Take a weekend off from studying and go on a trip, or just stay close to home and go out and get hammered. Come back with renewed vigor. Whatever you learn over two days in February probably won't make or break it for you come June.
@2013-09-09 22:22:22
Talk to a guy who has failed one of the exams multiple will focus you.
@2013-09-12 01:16:53
Think again buddy....those of us that make it through this cfa expedition revel in the thought of studying 2-3 hours a night after 10-12 hours at work. If you don't get excited about the thought of spending your Saturdays and Sundays studying for 8 hours straight, get a new profession
@2013-09-13 16:50:37
I felt like that last week. But now studying has become a habit and its not that bad any more. I have got use to the new sleep patterns.
@2013-09-14 08:24:36
Haha I'm not sure I've ever met anyone who "revels in the thought of studying 2-3 hours a night after 10-12 hours at work" or who gets "excited" about the prospect of work on sat/sun! If you do I suggest you see a doctor / get a life! Agree with alison, chill out for a little bit then come back with a fresh brain. There is no way you can pull 16+ hours days continuously and still be learning effectively at the end of the week. Much better to make sure the study you do do really sinks in than to simply pull the hours ineffectively.
@2015-11-21 15:58:09
Burned out? Same study time every day and weekends. Get real and get serious.

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I was very pleased with your notes and question bank. I especially like the mock exams because it helped to pull everything together.
Martin Rockenfeldt

Martin Rockenfeldt