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@2007-07-01 01:19:13
I need some help with calculator BA II PLUS.
Problem:When I try to CPT value of N or I/Y I get Error 5.
For eg. please refer to problem 17 at the end of Session 2 Reading 5. Here one needs to calculate value of N for given values of PV,FV I/Y. I enter all the values and press CPT N but get Error 5. What could be the reason. (Actually - same as this when I try to CPT value of I/Y too I get the same error. So I am able to CPT PV, FV, PMT but not N or I/Y. Am I doing something wrong ?)
Thanks in advance

@2007-07-30 14:40:18
it is really hard to tell what the problem is by just looking at your words.go check the calculator booklet,see what is Error 5 about?
you must be doing something wrong.
@2007-07-30 18:31:45
Error 5 occurs when your signs are wrong. Try using a negative pv to indicate an outflow of cash and a positive pmt and ending value.
@2007-09-12 14:02:46
let's say you're trying to find the number of years it takes for the money in your investment to double. think of the signs as when the cash is coming into and out of your pocket. we'd first have to invest it somewhere, which means it's going out of your pocket and into an investment - thus, a cash outflow (so your PV has a negative sign). if you receive interest or dividends, that would be a cash inflow (so PMT has a positive sign). at the end of your investment period, you get back the FV of your investment (so FV has a positive sign).

i hope that helps.
@2007-11-02 10:39:24
Does analyst notes have a Texas Calculator BA II Plus orientation set of notes on using it?
@2007-11-05 03:12:06
emp23 is right. You will need to change PV negative and leave FV positive or the other way around
@2007-11-05 09:29:08
Please i want to know the list of the courses for level 1, and what is the pass mark for each course.

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