AuthorTopic: calculator help and notes choice
@2006-06-16 23:19:03
Are the calculators for the exam easy to use without any help? Is it easy to figure out the functions or would you suggest a help book? Finally are the notes on this site enough to pass the exam or do I need to get the actual CFA professional ones?
@2006-06-20 16:32:13
i'm from mauritius and having difficulty to get hold of a hp12 calculator
can anyone please advise of a site where i can buy online
thanks n regrds
@2006-06-20 20:05:03
I was also wondering which brand is the best. Seems like majority uses HP just because it's been out in the market for so long. But the TI seems to gain the popularity. Any comment?
@2006-06-21 05:13:51
TI is the way to go. It's very good and fast.
@2006-06-21 16:35:46
TI is the Best. I strongly recommend it.
@2006-10-24 09:10:41
anyone got an emulator for TI BA II plus pro?
@2007-03-28 05:02:29
If you want to be in the financial services industry (Which I gues you do)..Go for HP12C, Its more like an industry standard, I have been with various companies and am amazed at the number of people who yank their 12c out during the investment meetings.
@2007-03-28 07:19:36
Yes, I m interested too in this subject!! I wanted to buy the TI, dunno which model yet, but if gaur's saying HP is the most used...

I m already working in finance, i m going to survey and let you know!
@2007-04-03 04:49:50
TI is the way to go. The HP may have more functions but is not user friendly at all. From what I know of this exam time is key. The TI has everything that you would need.
@2007-11-15 15:56:19
I would recommend the HP 12C for anyone who has already used HP calculators before and are used to the RPN entry (reversed polar notation). Then it's nice and fast. If you're new to RPN then go for the Texas Instruments.
@2007-12-03 06:32:06
Beret, thanks for the comment. But I have also read some comments about the speed of calculator and HP12C is slower than TI? Does that matter ?
@2007-12-19 16:57:06
The books recommend the TI calculator and most of the examples are TI friendly, just as a warning. HP takes more time from what I've heard and it's not really user-friendly. I've been with the TI for 1 month and I've grasped most of it. The books explain which keys to hit and its just practice, practice, practice.
@2008-01-06 16:16:44
how different is the T1 BAII Plus Professional from the T1 BAII Plus one.... any advantages et all?
@2008-03-04 00:37:39
Hi All,

I'm new to cfa but have bought the 12c platinum. Although I have not used it a great deal to comment on its user friendliness but the comment from other user on this site suggest that it might not be s user friendly.

Does that mean I have to buy TI as well
@2008-03-06 19:53:56
hi to all
if any one know, how to get the bonds yield accoeding to yield to maturity method in corporate finance, how to enter data into calculator texas instruments
thanx to all
@2008-07-28 19:56:08
I got the TA II from my MSF program included so that's what I'll be using.
@2008-07-29 10:35:56
TI Professional is the best choice in my opinion. I got mine from staples
@2008-07-29 20:39:57
TI is surely the way forward! much easier to use, more functions.
HP is old-school , looks may be slicker but at the end of the day, functionality is that what counts. TI beats HP by a mile.
Because everyone uses HP, doesnt mean you should. most young ppl i know use TI, and older people HP - that too just because they're used to it.
and anyways, you need a calculator just to pass your exams for now -keep the yanking out a HP at meetings for later!
or better, if u got enough cash and time - try both, and keep the least comfortable one as spare for the exams!
@2010-02-20 07:13:23
I used TI and it was ok!

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I passed! I did not get a chance to tell you before the exam - but your site was excellent. I will definitely take it next year for Level II.
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