AuthorTopic: Calculator - TI BA II+ or BA II+ Professional
@2013-07-04 15:51:25
Hi evry1,
Im appearing for Dec-2013 exam. Just wanted to know d diff. between TI BAII plus and TI BA II professional Calculator?

Can anyone tell how pro calci can be useful? and is it worthwhile to wait for Pro calci for 20 days or simply go for BA II plus???

Please help me to clarify these doubts??

Thanks in advance
@2013-07-12 07:44:55
Lionking As for using - I've heard that Pro is nicer but not very much, and also the dif in price is not so high so it's up to you. As everything else in life : )
@2013-07-16 13:07:44
Hi everyone;

I'm preparing 4 the june 2014 CFA exams but i have a difficulty because i can not find any of the required calculators in Cameroon and the suppliers in Britian refused my order and refunded my money on the grounds that Cameroon is not on their shipping list.

can anyone help me?

where did you guys buy urs and what are the prices.

thanks ,i'll be very pleqsed to hear from u.
@2013-07-20 05:22:58
im from Nigeria and your best bet is to get someone going to the uk/us to get it for you. Thats what i did anyway. as to prices i have no idea, sorry!
@2017-08-27 14:29:55
u will get these calc in banglore ( india)

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