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@2005-04-13 18:21:31

I just signed up for the CFA program. I see TI has a new calc out and some sites are saying it is valid for CFA exams. Has anybody got clarification whether the TI BA II Plus Pro calc is allowed to be used in the exams.

@2005-05-03 01:40:47
I'm answering my own question for the benefit of others, the BAII Plus Pro Calculator is allowed for th CFA Exam. It is listed in the Study Guide that CFA Institute sends to all enrolled students.
@2005-05-05 07:50:22
yes, you are right. it is allowed for the exam. I have just ordered me one of these.
@2005-05-06 20:36:38
hai "hagi 10' n e news abt ur job \green card still / or u just setting up to do mba now days/
cya buddy
@2005-05-07 15:01:22
well, I wont come in until December, or January. So until then, I will keep my job at the pool, so i can make money, I will take L1, and take part time MBA classes. when/if, I get the card, then I will look for a job and whereever I find something, I will move, get in full time good MBA program, and take L2, and L3 the next year.
how does that sound?
@2005-05-27 03:45:20
any feedback regarding the Pro model? how is it? how does it compare to the old model?
@2005-05-27 10:15:21

i like what i see so far. it is easy to use.
@2005-07-05 03:18:33
Hi wish to check if TI and HP calculators are the only ones allowed in cfa exam? no other brands/types of financial calculator allowed? Thanks.
@2005-07-12 04:29:11
i dont know cause i dont have study guide.
@2005-07-21 02:29:45
yop the BA II PLUS PRO is allowed for CFA exams check the calculator policy on the CFA Website
@2006-01-03 07:33:46
Boys, what is better and easier to use - TI or HP calc?
@2006-01-29 20:51:00
I like the ti, hp has that weird polish entry system
@2006-05-01 11:08:56
There are some downloads (simulation of calculator HP12C) available on the internet, see the entry I posted as a reply under the heading "calculator" in this forum. This might also be an option if you for various reasons can't buy a calculator right now, but still want to practice how to use one of the two calculators allowed. See also (!).
@2007-01-08 00:47:50
Can someone please tell me difference between
BA II PLUS Calculator &

@2007-01-09 22:45:09
I believe the Professional calc. is one of their latest calculators (around 2 yrs old). I have it. It is fast, works well and allowed for CFA exam.
@2007-02-10 00:09:40
What do u think "TI BAII Plus Pro" OR "HP 12C Platinum"

The HP has this weird polish stuff but has some powers that the TI does not offer.

The TI sounds more user friendly:

"If you've never used a 12C before, I'm going to save you a lot of headaches, buy the TI BAII Plus. Just remember that the TI comes preset from the factory with its payments per year (P/Y) set to 12. P/Y should equal 1"

@2007-05-19 10:30:05

is it necessary to have these weird calculators?
If I can be able to use my Scientific calculator, is there a problem?
@2007-05-19 21:53:58

first they are the only ones allowed in the exam
and they are sooooo conveignant (TMV and many other valuation questions need it)

Also as many scientific calculators can store data, CFAI wants to judge candidates on a fair basis

moreover it is really easy to master the TI BAII+ (cf my previous post months ago lol)

hope it helps

PS: I signed up for the june exam on the 9/02 and started using this website on the 10/02, we are the 20/05 and I still don't feel ready to pass. start early and make as many questions as u can
@2007-05-19 23:14:55
just reviewing stats - is there a way to calc cov/ var quickly with the BA2 plus? Thanks....
@2007-05-23 20:52:10

I have covered most of the CFA material in my undergraduate.I am sure i'll make it.planning to write in December though.and thanks for your advice.I have n't registered yet, but by the end of next month (june).
@2007-05-25 15:20:00

Cov/Var on BA2: click 2nd, then DATA. Enter x's (and y's if needed). Then click 2nd, then STAT. Scroll down, and you should see all the charactericstics, such as the mean, Sx (sample std. dev.), bx (pop'n). If you need VAR, just square the one you need. If you scroll down even further you should get to r (corr) at some point.

@2010-08-04 03:55:23
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