AuthorTopic: Calculator trouble with TI BA II Plus
@2003-07-03 12:59:28
Hi. I'm having trouble with my calculator TI BA II Plus. I was doing some FV, PV, N, Etc. sample problems---yes, I'm starting the CFA crusade at square one. I was fine until I did "END" & "BGN" problems. Then my answers came out differently than what's stated in the solution manuals. Then I tried the simpler problems again and found my answers were wrong compared to the first time I did them (first time being right). I tried re=setting the calculator, even pressing that tiny button in the back and taking out the batteries---but with no luck. The manual isn't helping. If anyone could help, I would really appreciate it. Please be specific and detail in your response. Thanks.
@2003-07-07 07:32:02
Use "End" if payment is in arrears -- you're paid at end of year (usually the case)

Watch out for compounding also -- don't have the calc in front of me, but I believe the default settings are for monthly payments/compounding

If you hit "2nd" to get to the P/Y and I/Y functions you can set this to 1 if you have payments once a year or 2 if payments are semi-annual (in this case make sure to put the nominal rate for interest)

read the manual on this for a better understanding
@2003-07-10 05:25:22
You must always clear the calculator before starting a new calculation. I often find people forget to do this.

The following are the clear keys:

CE/C clears the data

2nd CLR WORK will clear

2nd CLR TVM clears the financial registers

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