AuthorTopic: Calculators - Which one is better?
@2009-06-18 03:29:49
Which calculator do you suggest we should purchase for Level-I exam. For Texas Instruments BA II Plus 2 results come in Amazon:

Texas Instruments BA II Plus Professional Financial Calculator
Texas Instruments BA II Plus Financial Calculator
@2009-06-19 13:02:53
take the professional ( a bit heavier and with hard to press buttons, but it is worth). in my opinion its like 10x better.
@2009-06-22 15:19:55
I've had the Plus for over a year and liked it but there were some things that were missing, IE NFV (Unless you wanted to redo your CF calculations). Also, there are numerous times that I have miscalculated due to the buttons being not very responsive, you really need to press them down.

With that said I just got the Pro, have not really had a chance to use it but despite the soft case it seems like it will do the trick.
@2009-06-23 09:59:50
having never learned reverse polish, i went ahead and bought the HP ... BEST . DECISION . EVER .

once you learn it, longer calculations are easier and there are so many great functions that are easy to use on it. take the time to learn reverse polish IMO, well worth it.

only drawback is that it does not do combinations/permutations, but that is an easy formula to memorize anyway.

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I was very pleased with your notes and question bank. I especially like the mock exams because it helped to pull everything together.
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Martin Rockenfeldt