AuthorTopic: Can anyone help me out on interest rate risk?
@2014-06-03 03:49:12
Hey, guys, could you explain to me "Interest rate risk"? You'd better give me an example. Thank you a lot in advance!
@2014-06-08 07:48:06

Interest rate risk is generally concerene with the movements in interest rates belonging 2 any portfolio of debts and aslo includes maturity risk, mix risk etc.

4 det c any book its a wide area
@2014-06-09 14:44:10
Thank you, ncfa.

I know the price of a bond fluctuates with market interest rates, but I still don't understand why the risk that an investor faces is the price of a bond held in a portfolio will decline if market interest rates rise?

Thanks a lot!
@2014-06-23 01:16:48
well thats not basically an "interest rate risk" in context of the hedging .

consider it as a general rule too, idea is overall maximization of wealth. as int rate inc the ppl tend to follow int rate return as both r risk free so no worries sit and enjoy returns.

hopefully u get it now, u will clear ur ideas more when u read the overall Hedging tech 2.
@2016-09-30 16:59:24
coco u studyingeco or fin

any books u using too?

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