AuthorTopic: Can I pass level 1 in June 2016
@2016-02-13 16:22:32

I just started prepaertion for level1 in 2016
i will use Analyst notes only i am holder of CMA,CFM as well

please advise on time managemnt as well
how many hours per day needed to pass the exam from 1st time

@2016-02-14 08:47:43
I also hold CMA and was sitting for level 1 last december

Failed but was among 10% best of those who failed

Spent some 200 hours on the curriculum

CMA makes some 60-70% of level 1 material but do not count on easy ride

My feeling - you have to put at least an hour a day to near the passing level - although I do not know you background
@2016-03-14 15:48:59
"Failed but was among 10% best of those who failed"
Should you provide reasonable explanation to this b...s..t, you are CFA charterholder immediately
@2016-03-18 08:28:31
You should better learn some manners before going out to show people here how ignorant you are
@2016-03-20 12:49:36
"Failed but was among 10% best of those who failed" - Who told you that?

Agree with vtom2009 absolutely...
@2016-03-22 08:13:44
wow, such ignorance. if you have read into how the test results are reported, you are given pass/not pass, where you fell in each sub-category, and also if you failed they give you a band number 1-10 so you know what percentile you were in of those who did not pass. so that is how one would know that they were in the top 10% of who failed.

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