AuthorTopic: Can I pass Level 1 with only mock questions from analystnotes?
@2003-06-10 12:51:32
I don't have a background in Finance/Accouting but I will be taking the CFA Level 1 exam next June.

Can I pass using only the cfacenter's notes?

@2003-06-23 18:13:34
If you really study hard, you have pretty good chance of passing by using analystnotes notes only. However, you better use some textbooks as well if you don't have any related background. This will help to prepare yourself better for level II and III. It would also be nice to have a study group. Besides, practice more. Good luck.
@2003-07-10 10:27:40
I agree with msn2000, with one very important caveat. If you rely exclusively on anyone's notes, remember that you are relying on someone's SUMMARY of a vast ampount of reading material. Therefore, if you omit or fail to study well any part of those notes, you have to remember that you are "negatively leveraging" the relevant LOS(s) with respect o your likelihood of passing the exam.
@2003-07-16 07:01:41
If you are reasonable intelligent, you should be able to pass using any of the materials from any prep course provider but you need to practice the AIMR sample exams.
@2005-11-05 10:00:13
What different betwent the cfacenter with the stalla notes? Where can I get the cfacenter notes?
@2005-11-27 14:58:39
The CFAcenter notes are the ones you get from here (AnalystNotes). Anyway I am in the Stalla classes starting in January and they have sent me all my books. Is there a difference, yes but it is not major, everything is based on the LOSs however I have been using the cfacenter notes as a refresher as well as the test on this website to get me prepared for Stalla and the test in June. Stalla states that they will teach and hone you on the core concepts. They also provide a lot of questions for you to answer. This website has more questions for you as well. I recommend this website so do both if you have the resources.
@2005-12-10 12:34:33
From my guess, it should be possible to crack the exam with Analystnotes notes. I am from a pure programming background with zero knowledge in financial domain but I have picked up very fast and its very useful also. So you can bet on CFA notes for the sure

@2007-07-13 07:17:35
Dear all, how could I access the notes here? I can only access to session 15. :(
@2007-07-20 10:42:44
Lucas, you would have to sign up with the study packages under the 'Order' tab on this website to access all the notes.
@2007-07-24 07:00:34
I am IT professional with no financial background.Can I pass with only studying CFA notes
@2007-08-02 09:53:13
Hi fellows,

I'm just about to prepare for the CFA level 1 December exams. Can I still pass with the time left.
@2007-08-13 04:44:17
Abidoye, I'm in the same exact situation as you are. I purchased the CFA curriculum and with the time left until the exam, there is no way i could study all the text so at this point I am depending on the study notes and if I have any doubts about certain areas I will then refer to the book. I guess it all depends on the quality of youre studying.
@2007-08-14 11:24:24
I want to know wheter I can pass cfa level one only using CFA curriculam?
@2007-08-20 15:00:55
You can easily pass guys. You have 90 days and if you stufy for 3 hours a day and up to 6-7 hours on weekends (doing lots and lots of question practice) you should pass easily.
@2007-09-22 14:02:43
am studying with schweser and this site notes . is it enough to pass cfa !!!! somebody plz answer
@2007-11-26 04:35:18
From reading all the threads, it seems the success strategy for the arena of reading notes is as follows:-
1) Read everything from CFA institute's 3000+ pages

2) Do exams from the Analystnotes web site and get either Schweser or Stalla notes.

Is this the way? Cost wise, adding Schweser/Stalla is another 500-700
@2008-02-25 00:10:30
yes, rely mostly on the CFA textbooks and you will do just fine.
@2008-03-05 16:00:04
Speaking from my personal experience, I purchased CFA text book(didn't have time to read through.) Rely solely on analystnotes, passed Level 1. I guess for Level 1, analystnotes should be good enough.
@2008-03-06 08:35:38
I also can't seem to find the time to read through the books, I'm currently attending lectures, which are extensive but I am going to rely on Analyst notes.
From your experience writing CFA Level 1, did the Mock exams help?
Did they help with the actual exam?

My strategy is to study the notes, do the questions at the end of the chapters in the text book and complete the mock exams and review exams?Do you think this will suffice?
@2008-05-07 20:03:24
I do not have any background in accounting and finance related courses, and i am just coming in this may to enroll. If I study hard can i pass this exam ?
@2008-05-15 13:15:14
you can pass with hardwork that is studying more, atleast 3-4 hours a day wish you the best
@2008-06-06 08:22:05
yes.. last yr, i only used analystnotes to pass Lvl 1 exam
@2008-06-08 10:37:40
I tried really hard but flunked the first time using schweser notes
What other reliable tution provider is good enuff to guarantee a pass?
@2008-08-09 00:25:30
Analystnotes' notes are good. I know many people who have used these. Some candidates benefit from classroom training as well. Do look up CFA Training Providers on google and see if you additionally want classroom training to help you pass the CFA Level 1 Program
@2008-08-25 12:38:45
I passed Level 1 last June using ONLY for about a month and a half. Do TONS of questions, focus on your weak spots, don't waste time on things you already know.
@2008-08-26 06:31:18
I am IT Networking Professional. I loved all I have read on the site about CFA program. Of what benefit can this be to me? Will this mean a total shift from IT to Financial line.
@2008-11-05 21:57:49
If you have some prior degree in accounting/economics or something like a BBA/MBA, you can rely on the CFA institute textbooks alone. However if you do not have a financial background and are not familiar with concepts like time value of money, discounting cash flows, economic supply demand analysis, then it is best to use the notes in conjunction with the textbooks. The notes will give you a simplified explanation of technical concepts dealt with in the textbooks. So what you can do is, read the CFA textbook and whichever concepts are unfamiliar/difficult, you can refer to the notes for clarification.
@2008-11-28 23:45:34
i just started studying last week, do I stand a chance?
@2008-12-19 00:28:14
HI, I'm preparing the level 1 for June 2009. I don't have an academic background but had a chance to be involved in the fincial field for 7years now (in private banking and hedge funds operations especially) What do you thing is gonna be the most challenging for me?
@2009-01-26 04:28:07
hi, jus started this year,wanna write in june,Have excellent mathematical background,what are my chances,had an appoturnity to see study notes looks like i could handle it. Advise please.
@2009-01-28 09:01:49
Thank God I just passed Level 1. I failed in June. When I failed in June I was in the top 10% of the failures. I only studied for this exam using Analyst notes both times. I would guess I just barely passed this time. I took all the Mock Exams through AN and read most of the notes and took the test questions for each area. The Mock exams #1 44% #2 65% #3 61% #4 65%. I think on #5 and #6 I scored below 60%. If you can score in the 60% range on the 6 Mock exams in AN I think you will pass the test. When I failed in June I think my highest score on the Mock Exams was around 55%.
@2009-04-01 17:36:58
I have sound background in economics and currently working how long would it take for me to study for the level 1 exams
@2009-11-27 04:18:31
Is there any way you can print the exam questions? I am much better with looking at hard copies and scribbling notes, but I don't see a print option :-(
@2010-12-10 09:11:35
Yes you can pass level 1 with only this website's study notes and mock exams. I studied for level 1 Dec 2009 when passing rate was 35%and passed the first time only with this website. I had doubts during my study time whether to use any of the CFA textbooks, and I am glad I didn't use them.
Having said that, I put in around 300 hours of study time. So, definetely study well ahead of time.
@2012-01-10 16:57:07
I think this depends on some factors like if you do not have any accounting or finance or economics degree then it will be hard task for you.On the other hank if you believer in nothing is impossible for mankind then good luck ...
@2015-02-01 01:35:12
impossible is nothing... Yes you can.. If you master the Mock very well ### not cram but understand every point, formula in the mock..
@2015-05-17 03:18:32
Yes the mock questions from AN are useful and you can pass the exam. You can also consider doing the problems given at the end of each topic area in CFA curriculum. These question sets are based on LOS and are actually helpful in revising. It worked for me quiet well.

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I just wanted to share the good news that I passed CFA Level I!!! Thank you for your help - I think the online question bank helped cut the clutter and made a positive difference.
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Edward Liu