AuthorTopic: Can i pass the tests? Please help
@2018-02-20 20:33:49
My financial background is zero.. My bachelor's degree is not related, but i decided to study CFA. Do the course materials cover all the basics as well? or do i have to have the background?
P.S. I am already registered and enrolled for the june test..
@2018-02-28 04:54:20
You're registered for the June test and you're worrying You can complete the Level one materials three times over, finance background or not.

The study materials cover all and every relevant portions. If you go through them thoroughly then you'll pass for sure. It would have been better if you could tell us your subjects in bachelor's. I mean, we'd get some idea about how unrelated it actually is.

Even with a zero finance background you can manage it pretty smoothly, given the time available. Best of luck.
@2018-04-17 07:12:51
Thanks a lot for your feedback..I was really terrified...i have a bachelors in Biology!

I am trying to read the guidelines and all the notes...Thanks:)

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Your review questions and global ranking system were so helpful.