AuthorTopic: Can my school's bachelor degree be accepted for CFA?
@2020-01-29 02:46:41
I have a question for application to CFA level 1. I have some personal issues so I cannot attend a proper university in USA for now, but I don't want to wait until my problem is fixed and attend school. Studying should not wait, so I am attending University of People now, and study toward its bachelor, and I will self-study for CFA. I am wondering if I apply for CFA when I am in the last year of that school, is it possible that CFA institute will accept my application because of the school I am in ?
@2020-03-04 22:30:56
Send your inquiry with your specific university name to CFA Institute.

CFA Discussion Topic: Can my school's bachelor degree be accepted for CFA?

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Colin Sampaleanu