AuthorTopic: Can someone give me some tips on Level1 exam coverage/depth
@2010-01-22 16:47:47
Hi All,

I'm preparing for the Level 1 June exam, and I finished reading the material from CFA Institute (all 6 books) and did all the practice questions at the end of each reading (whenever available). I'm going through the material again and doing the questions from the question bank to get more practice. But as I go through the question bank, I find the amount of details covered is very overwhelming, especially the LOS quizzes.

The general theme I gathered from reading the different threads is that the focus of the exam is on the concepts/knowledge/problem solving side, but I'm wondering how much details do I have to memorize for the exam. I'm assuming we have to at least memorize the more important (or central) ones such as the demographics/technology/lifestyle/regulations/policies impact on industry/country analysis, technical analysis, EMH, accrual concepts etc, but what about those finer (or maybe less important) ones, like type I and II errors in hypothesis testing, the different SFAS/SAS/SOPs and the various FASB/ISAB/EITF topics in FSAs, chapter 11 vs chapter 7 bankruptcy, the history of various topics in general (I find that especially in FSA, there are a lot of fine details, delivered in the footnotes)?

It seems like the June exam is broken down into:
FSA -25-30%
Ethics -15%
Quant -10-15%
Equity analysis, Fixed income analysis, economics - 10% each
Port Man, Alternative assets, Derivatives - 5% each
Corp Finance was not tested.
What subtopics should I focus on in each of these topics?

@2010-03-09 12:39:33
you should focus more on:
FSA (very imp)
do not waste too much time on quant , just make sure that you do a lot of practice questions and you should be fine.

CFA Discussion Topic: Can someone give me some tips on Level1 exam coverage/depth

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I was very pleased with your notes and question bank. I especially like the mock exams because it helped to pull everything together.
Martin Rockenfeldt

Martin Rockenfeldt