AuthorTopic: Can you have life while studying for the CFA?
@2012-03-21 11:48:16
Ppl say you can't have a life and hope to pass all 3 levels? Is that true ?

I know one guy who passed in like 1.5yrs and barely studied. He had like 3 yrs of experience as a trader.
@2012-04-22 22:52:06
maybe - but you'll potentially have a better life after passing the 3 Levels.
@2012-05-10 06:16:43
there are those people who say they barely studied and passed anyway. they usually lie about the number of hours they spend studying. its more than you think, its the desire to portray oneself as being very intelligent.

anyway, i didn't know jack about finance when i started, i didn't have a life for 5 months on level 1, spent 400 hours. i barely had a life for level 2, spent 4 months and 300 hours and i had a life for level 3 and spent 250 hours in less than 4 months. and i worked a normal job doing all this.

people who say they did it in 1.5 years ommit to include the months that they spent studying for the 1st level, so add a good 4 months to your 1.5 years. again, the type of person who lies about the number of hours that 'they didn't study'.

anyway, point is that you can have a life, just study using time the most effectively possible.
@2012-05-23 23:10:46
if having no life will help you pass the exams ..... its well worth it ...... I believe very few candidates are able to manage time effectively (Sydney being one of them)........

most candidates I know are either going all out ... or not caring enough about the exams ... but no one I know is studying an optimum number of hours per day/week .... managing time efficiently is tough ...... almost impossible i'd say ....

I havent had any sort of a life for over a year now ..... and I dont think Ill have a life for the next couple either .... Im jealous of folks like sydney who are able to do what im not....

@2012-05-27 19:06:17
You can definitely have a life guys....I have a full time job and I spend 1 hour studying one my commute to and from work and 1 hour studying every day on my lunch at work. That equals 2 hours a day and 10 hours per week and that's not even counting time spend at home after work. If I put in another 5 hours between Mon-Fri after work (1 hr a night really) then it's 15 hours a week. Also...I have allowed myself 40 weeks to study...18 weeks twice (so I am going over all the material twice) plus the last 4 weeks to do exams/questions. I don't feel that this is taking away my life at's just a matter of starting early...
@2012-05-31 20:10:39
what life? by the day of my test (in a few days), i'll have a total of 700 hrs spent on studying. i read the textbooks twice, copied the txtbooks, outlined the txtbook, read notes from this site, took classes, read other books relating to the test.. and i am working full time, and graduated with finance honors... yet still FREAKED OUT about the exam!!!
@2018-10-17 12:53:42
I am with you lilbut !!

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