AuthorTopic: career advice for an agricultural engineer
@2008-01-14 15:04:29
i am an agricultural engineer, and i have had a lot about the CFA programme. i have an interest in corporate finance and investments. can any body help with advice since i really need something challenging and worth it to take on. and will CFA complement the engineering degree that i have? any advice will be appreciated.
@2008-01-14 23:38:07
well ist of all it will be a complete changeover.
take around loads of yrs of study
+ work.

now compare these to all the salary difference u expect.

make final decision only up 2 u .
@2008-01-17 14:11:59
i feel getting more technical, as in studying for an MSc Will choke me professionally, a CFA charter should be more advantageous than an MBA. it seems everyone is rushing for an MBA, Which puts the relatively few CFA charter holders at an advantage in the near future. what do you think? any ideas on salary scales in your area?
@2008-01-18 00:15:37
its not always guaranteed that u will have more pay than mba but the cfai site talks about it that u will have around some %age more salary or a chance of increase with it.

@2008-01-18 13:30:05
i am good in research on the technical side, i am very patient and am good at looking at figures, do u think that this research aspect could help me once i attain my CFA Charter,
@2008-01-19 02:32:34

if u have made ur mind of the career change just go ahead

obviously u will make it at the end .
@2010-07-12 17:46:27
yes go ahead and don't hesitate. Many times you don't know the future until you experience it.

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