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@2017-12-23 06:05:14
Dear all,

I wonder if anyone can give me career advice (please be frank and critical)? I actually got my PhD in electrical engineering from a pretty good school. Now I am working as an engineer in a semiconductor company. However, I don't see the future of semiconductor industry will be promising. Therefore, I would like to upgrade myself. Taking MBA is too risky and high cost. Therefore, I am planning to take the CFAs. Do you think that make sense? I guess by just taking CFAs will not help me get a job in investment bank. Is there any other path I can go? Thank you very much for your advice!
@2018-01-12 17:16:45
dr dragon 4get that u will get lot of money by doing cfa lolz , y dont u just look 4 any job in field or even join teaching, i know a guy who got phd in mechand makinglot of money .

if u wanna chg ur field all the way do think time u got , ur investment in course, , time u will have 2 wat 4 investment 2 start giving fruit.

afteralll its not that u can only work in semiconductor industry , look 4 anyother job as well ur basically an elect engrr 1t then a phd sodo thk
@2018-04-21 14:37:35
Take the Patent Bar and become a patent agent. EE is highly sought by law firms. In addition many (if not most) law firms will pay for you to go to law school and then keep you on as a patent attorney. Right now, this is a good time to make this move.

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