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@2016-11-14 18:51:35
I wanted to hear everyone's feedback about my background information and where you believe I need improvement in order to break into asset management.

I graduated as a double major in business administration and finance from a not well known business school. I graduated with the highest gpa in my major and was recognize for it (gpa was still only 3.63). During my college years I had an extensive internship in a property casualty insurance company where I rack up well over 1000 hrs. This role was an accounting/consolidations position.

I now work in a rotational program for a fortune 50 company. The program is 2 years long ( I've been here for about 8 months). This program involves various roles in corporate finance, but none falling under the asset management field or anything time which can be consider CFA experience.

I am a level 1 candidate and plan to take the exam in December.

What other background, skills, etc should I be doing now to signify myself as a desirable candidate for job placements??

Thanks for your insight.

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I used your notes and passed ... highly recommended!