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@2017-06-18 22:20:10
Hey all,

I am from an Engineering Background, currently working as a Process Engineer in a manufacturing firm for last 2 yrs....since last 6 months I am planning to change my career and get into finance....investment banking to be more specific...however, in that 6 months I prepared for L1 exam and took the exam 2 weeks ago.

I have a strong quatitative background as I have to use it regularly in my current position and so I am planning to try for Quantitative analyst position to begin with...what do you guys think about it? Are there any other position that I should consider and stand some chance of getting considered for the interview? How should I approach the job search process?

Thanks for your help.
@2017-07-07 08:46:28
You need to get your foot in the door first... however, you might not just take any finance job at any finance firm, although in this market, you might. Think about where you want to be, plot a course to get there, and think of your first job in finance as a stepping stone. It might take a couple of years of toiling in a not-so-perfect job in order for you to position yourself to get your dream job.

Just my $.02 (which with the dollar in the shape that it is in, isn't worth as much as it once was)
@2017-10-09 11:26:52
Hey Prasan,

Quantitative analyst and investment banking are 2 very different things. Check out wallstreetoasis and mergersandinquisitions .com (spelling? google). As an ibanker you don't need heavy quantitative skills.
If you want to be a quant analyst you need to be a superb programmer, with 5+ years of C++ experience, PHP, SQL and lots of stat background.

One good place to start looking and getting familiar is on job boards and seeing what companies are seeking for different positions. Search for Investment Banking analyst and you'll see they want leadership, modeling experience. Search for quant analyst and you'll get something quite different.

Given your engineering background, check out the various MFE programs and the quant finance forums. If you're a good programmer this might be a great fit for you. Keywords: MFE, MSCF, computational finance, financial engineering. You'd be working developing pricing models, derivatives/fixed income, etc.

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