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@2017-02-19 15:20:58
Hello people

I'm seeking your advice on my career change plans. I graduated with a BA in economics and a double minor in business administration and mathematics in June 2010. So far I've held economic research and business development positions in which I did extensive industry analysis and business origination tasks.
I feel that my quantitative skills haven't been entirely challenged and that I need to move into finance, particularly M&As, PE and corporate financial advisory in general.

What I did is I will start MBA as a part timer in spring (this particular school is very flexible) and will take only one course (financial reporting) beside studying for CFA level 1 this June.

I'd like to know your opinions as to how I can make myself more favorable for Investment banks/companies as I do this transition.
@2017-03-17 22:21:23
Hi, Your moves seems to be in the right direction. Your background in economics would definitely be an added advantage for career in financial services industry. You have to decide further in your career what kind of roles you would like to get into. If you want to get into a quant role, advanced mathematics courses would be required to in addition to CFA and Masters degrees. For an I-banking role, I guess CFA would suffice. However it also might be useful to aim for internship/ projects with i-banks during your MBA course, if possible.

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