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@2009-03-17 19:15:32
Hello I am in need of some advice and opinions. I am currenlty a Junior/Analyst trader for a group of Large Private Accredited investors. I am looking to make the transition into Invesment Banking. Other than my employers I have no real connections. What is the best way to transition into Invesment Banking from my position. In my current position I do alot of technical analysis, as well as some more in depth research work for specific companies, markets, industries, and i do alot of trading and speaking with many different executives from all types of companies.
@2009-03-18 18:33:49
Try to expand your personal network. Contacts will probably be the essential key you need. If you don't have or find relevant connections you will not be able to make the transition. Know the skills needed. I once read a comment about that it would be possible to acquire skills in one year, by reading about other peoples experiences and mistakes, that it would take 10 years to acquire if you would have to do all the mistakes yourself. Have you read Thomas Powers book on networking, "Networking for life"? It is a good book on networking. Try to be in a spot where someone in investment banking realises he/she need to fill a vacancy quickly, and see to it that you are the person available to fill that need.
@2009-03-26 01:46:56
I definetly have to begin networking alot more. I will take a look at that book. Thanks for the advice.

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I am using your study notes and I know of at least 5 other friends of mine who used it and passed the exam last Dec. Keep up your great work!