AuthorTopic: Career switch from a mechanical engineer to finance
@2018-02-03 11:03:15
I have a Mechanical Engineering background but willing to switch to Finance. Should I do the CFA or MBA Finance along with CFA? Should I try to pass CFA 1 then find a job in the bank and start from there? Will I make a lot more from bonuses and such (Currently making 55K+5K(OT & Bonus)? Is a CFA more acceptable world wide then being an Engineer? Can anyone feed me with what's a Day like for a Junior Financial Analyst? Anyone in a similar situation like me? I live in Toronto, Canada by the way. Thanks.
@2018-02-04 05:18:06
u better stick 2 ur Mechanical Engineering background .its gud pay 4 u .
dont expect anything more with cfa truly .
@2018-02-14 08:01:44
It's not what I would like to hear but thanks for being honest and telling the truth in your mind. However, I don't think Mechanical Engineering is any better.
@2018-02-21 03:02:29
Hi friends, I'm a mechanical engineer with 6 yrs experience in oil and gas engineering industry. I was forced to stay in this industry due to personal commitments. At present, I've discharged my duties and free to take risk and switch over to my field of interest Finance & Investments. As I'm not in a situation to leave my present job immediately & moreover MBA (PT) looks expensive, hence I've opted to study CFA and make it as a pass to enter the World of Finance. I am thinking to strive hard & pass II levels. I know that it is not so easy to switch over from engg field to hard core finance, but still I'm trying to enter my field of interest.
Can Anyone guide me whatelse in addition to CFA, I can study (like any financial modelling course etc etc) to get a job after completing II levels ? Any other advices regarding my query are most welcomed. Thanks a lot for helping me :)
@2018-03-27 03:59:44

Considering your background, CFA would strengthen your candidature in equity research domains in the Oil & Gas sector. Further you can also focus of FRM (Financial Risk Management) exam conducted by GARP USA, if you want to pursue a career in risk management.

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