AuthorTopic: CFA and CMA (IMA) which to do first
@2017-09-15 20:32:04
I was wondering if anyone could advise me or help me out with my situation. I did my BA honours minored in accounting and management. I do not have a finance background at all but I am getting very intrigued with investment management and equity trading thats why interested in CFA. I am young and have the drive and already working as a financial advisor at a bank. I was wondering since i dont have a strong background, what order should i do the courses. I was thinking of sitting for the cfa exam for june 2017 but then I looked at the IMA curriculum for the 4 exams -business analysis, strategic management and management reporting...

Option 1-So I was thinking maybe to do business analysis exam, the strategic management exam and the accounting exam for the cma and then sit for CFA in December 2016 and june 2017 level 2. I am thinking this way i will get a strong foundation as the CMA covers qualitative methods, corporate finance, financial statement analysis , economics and that will overlap for my study for CFA. If anyone who has sat for the CMA as well or anyone who has knowledge if you can give me advice i appreciate it.

Option 2
site for CFA exam in june 2017 and then do business analyis exam right after and the management exam in sept and study for cfa level 2 by December.

Please if someone could give me some stronger guidance to make my decision that would be super.
@2017-10-01 09:38:59
in 2016 I got my CMA and I sat for Level 1 Cfa december 2016

My view is that its not a good idea to do both CMA and CFa simultamiously.

Althugh they overlap but are not the same thing.

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