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@2016-07-28 18:45:44
I've a BS in Computer Science, and after spending the past 8 years or so in various IT jobs (grunt, all the way up to staff management) I'm making a career change. I began working on my MBA, and made the choice that IT management wasn't "where I saw myself in 10 years" as it were. I switched schools, and have been chugging away on my MS Finance. I'll be wrapping up my class work in spring '17. I'm 99% convinced that I'm going to sit for the Level 1 exam in December. I was hoping to get some feedback on how worth it the CFA is coupled with an MS, particularly as it applies to my situation (i.e. business/mgmt experience, none of it finance related). Combined with tuition, it's not a trivial expense, and I'm (mildly) concerned about the cost/reward. Any info from anyone out there? Thanks.

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Colin Sampaleanu