AuthorTopic: CFA and working out?
@2019-04-14 13:07:04
Anyone else find that working out helps with studying? I find that after a good run I am much calmer, more focused and feel better overall. It also helps with sleep. I mostly stick to running but mix in some time at the gym as well. Even though it cuts into my study time I feel that the cost-benefit is positive. What do you guys do to stay in shape while studying?
@2019-04-22 13:17:42
For me it was just the opposite: after studying I would go out running, and imagine that I was being chased by someone who was trying to ask me questions about behavioral finance.

I found I could run a lot faster and a lot longer that way.
@2019-04-27 03:44:20
I did that last year...not again. This year I am maintaining some level of normalcy. I can't spend another 4-5 months ignoring friends and doing nothing but study.

Instead of sacrificing so much time I am emphasizing quality over quantity. I realize my mistake last year was over-allocating time; since I had so much reserved for studying, I never really felt the pressure until the end. I ended up slacking way too much. Now when I have time set aside to study I take it seriously. I am aiming to have 400 hours by June.
@2019-05-16 08:46:51
Don't change a winning formula. Go through the sacrifice. You have the rest of your life to enjoy company of friends.
@2019-06-14 19:18:12
Yeah good point about changing a winning formula. I guess what I am really doing is adjusting my expectations and allocating my time better. I also think having more balance (exercise, social) in my life actually helps with studying. I have been studying more and with better focus this time around so far. Anyway by April I know I won???t be able to do anything but study anyway, I become obsessive about it whether I want to or not.

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