AuthorTopic: CFA Apparel - All your Christmases at once
@2016-12-22 13:09:49
check the ezpromostore dot com store web site.

It's official, the CFA has jumped the shark.
@2016-12-22 18:07:40
The CFA logo on the golf balls is larger and a different color than the rest of the writing on the balls. Clearly a violation.
@2016-12-23 05:47:38
What kind of person would buy any of this stuff?
@2017-12-29 13:38:55
Go to a local CFA society meeting. There are people who have CFA tatooed on their foreheads.

I, um, actually own several CFA shirts, a CFA watch, a CFA duffel bag, and CFA gym shorts. They were all given to me at various times for slave labor for CFA Institute.

CFA Discussion Topic: CFA Apparel - All your Christmases at once

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I just wanted to share the good news that I passed CFA Level I!!! Thank you for your help - I think the online question bank helped cut the clutter and made a positive difference.
Edward Liu

Edward Liu