AuthorTopic: CFA application process
@2018-03-17 06:12:40
How long does it take for an application to be process.... sent mine in just before the Mar 14th deadline... haven't seen my check clear yet
@2018-03-18 11:41:54
that means you failed. sorry.
@2018-04-23 19:27:44
Here's a serious answer. When I took level 1, I believe I sent my check via certified mail in on the last day of February, but I can't remember for sure. No joke. Whatever the date was, it was the cut-off date.

They processed my check about 8 weeks later. It cost like $1000 to sign up since it was so late. I still passed, so it's possible. However, unless they changed the deadline dates, you're dead. Isn't the last day in Feb the deadline? I can't remember.

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