AuthorTopic: CFA books or AnalystNotes?
@2011-09-17 12:39:40
What are people studying? I will start studying starting next week and looks like I might get to only one. Don't have lot of background in finance

What is the verdict?
@2011-09-18 10:16:33
Never used AnalystNotes but I wanted assume its comparable to Stalla.

I used Stalla last time around and couldn't have been more disappointed. This time, I have been using the CFA-supplied material and I am understanding everything much easier...only downside is that they don't supply many practice questions. You only get the ones at the back of the readings.

My advice, for what its worth, study from the CFA books then get lots of basic questions, or something similar, and take mock exams.

Good Luck!
@2012-02-07 16:27:28
analyst notes and schweser....doing tonnes of questions....heard thats what you gotta do
@2012-02-09 18:30:54
Where can I buy CFA books and sample questions and answers for level 1?
@2012-02-16 23:33:42
from the CFA institute
@2012-03-25 04:50:14
can i get some question on fixed income .
@2012-04-12 04:41:15
Does anyone want CFA L1 original study material in Bangalore? You can call me at 9962518858.
@2012-05-29 22:20:55
Hi , I am looking forward to give 1Level CFA exam in dec. Could any one tell . Can i get study material of CFA without registering with institute .or which is the best source to crack the exam?
@2012-05-30 04:21:16
Am taking this week , stressful
@2012-08-15 12:22:54
I would suggest CFA books first and then analyst notes for revision as it is well summarised. the basis questions of analyst notes are also fantastic. All the best.
@2012-08-18 21:29:59
I use analyst notes most of the time and together with the books. Even there is sth I don't unstand from the notes I will refer back to the books.I found this way is less time consuming&more efficient. Hope that helps:)
@2018-10-13 16:26:05
I say read the relevant topic in the book and then track by reading the notes from Analyst Notes. That way you "bookmark" the areas and also go through the basic questions along the way. It just gives your study time structure and you have the instnt feedback from the practice questions for each topic you attempt.

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