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@2010-04-15 04:41:54
Can any body advise me which calculator to purchase for CFA level 1 exam..( Seems like a stupid question but please help ) it the TI brand .. Please mention the exact brand and the location in mumbai where I would get that...Can you please also give the phone no of the outlet if possible ... I am unable to locate a outlet which has the CFA calculator

@2010-04-15 16:26:13
I'm using Texas Instruments BA II Plus Professional and I would recomend it to everyone.
I would suggest typing in the name of the calculator in google and finding where is your nearest provider. Well that's what I've done and received my calculator via post.
@2010-05-15 10:38:21
Hi, I also suggest you to go for calculator of Texas Instument. I dont know how you can have it via post, and it might cost you for that. But in mumbai, you can get it from ALFA shop located in Vile Parle. First you need to confirm the availability of calci, phone #

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