AuthorTopic: CFA center is nothing but a joke
@2002-09-27 12:18:00
Thank for the reply on when level II notes will be out. Looks like you guys really don't care about giving free cfa info out.
@2002-09-27 13:21:00
We have to do things step by step, and it is taking lots of our time to put even Level I stuff on this site. We should start working on Level II at the end of the year (just three months away).
@2002-09-27 14:27:00
3 months wow, you guys are quick. Too bad I ordered my stuff from schweser. I guess whoever depends on this site for level II materials will be getting off to a real late start and helping out the curve.
@2002-09-27 19:09:00
We are not competing against schweser or any other companies. This is our hobby and we just want to make sure we do Level I right before doing anything else.
@2002-10-04 15:24:00
Guys don't pay attention to such a nonconstructive critisism. Do what you do.

We have a good saying: "one shouldn't look a gift horse in the mouth".

Surely I'm going to buy notes from Schweser or something like that but your site is great help. Thank you very much!

I've started to respect Chineses much more than before:)
@2002-10-13 23:06:00
Your work and efforts here are appreciated. Keep up the good work.
@2002-10-19 03:46:00
Well, it is a very good website on CFA Exams. It privides a lot of useful infomation and it is free!

I am also a Chinese, Vladislav, you should also respect me.
Mr. Xiao, by your name you seem coming from mainland China., aren't you?
@2002-11-14 12:44:34
How do you make money off this website? Will you guys soon start
charging some kind of fee after you analyze the number of people
visiting the site?
@2003-02-16 12:59:45
Your site is great! keep it on and forget those uncontructive messages!
@2003-02-18 16:11:40
Thanks guys.

I've found out that baxter is a sales rep from Schweser. Schweser's sale people often pretend to be candidates and post lots of pro-Schweser messages everywhere on the Internet.

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I am using your study notes and I know of at least 5 other friends of mine who used it and passed the exam last Dec. Keep up your great work!