AuthorTopic: CFA Charter Work Experience Requirements
@2004-10-21 20:09:13

Anybody out there know as to how quantifies the 4 year work experience (for 2005 candidates) in order for us to be awarded the charter?

All I've got from CFA Inst. is the Work Experience Guidelines at

but CFA Inst. does not say as to how the list of Job Titles evaluate your experience (i.e. you could always be fibbing that you have 4 years of investment-related experience).

One inkling that I've got pertaining to this is that to be awarded the CFA charter you need to have a current CFA holder to vouch for you. If you don't you can get a CFA Institute member to do so. But in any case, there is still no transparency here as to how CFA Inst. evaluates the work experience (i.e. you could always get a CFA holder/CFA Institute member who's a childhood buddy to tweak your experience a little, can't you?)

Any ideas out there?
@2004-10-27 11:02:33
i have the same question as you.
AS it includs "account", so i wonder any account,in whatever company or organization can be accounted in?
@2004-10-30 22:40:46
hi gracef,

Yeah, i agree. I've just got myself a divine intervention.

I've come to know that there are quite a few people who are TEACHING (investment-related, though) and have gone on to do Level III.

But if they've teaching, how in the world do they qualify for the work-experience requirements?

another one of those CFA Institute/AIMR mysteries....

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