AuthorTopic: CFA Compensation Survey
@2017-12-26 13:36:13
How often does CFAI release its compensation survey? It appears the last survey was published in 2007. You would think they could publish one at least every 2/3 years?
@2018-02-02 12:24:07
I recall reading somewhere that the target is to do the survey every other year. However, the financial crisis may make for some difficulties in doing the selection process (and maybe the decline in compensation during the crisis decreases the incentive to track it closely). I suppose that means that compensation is not efficiently priced, which makes sense given that compensation is not sticky downwards.
@2018-02-18 18:37:56
The individual CFA society's have some more recent salary survey data. The downside is your getting a more limited sample. The most recent surveys were from the Chicago and the Pittsburgh chapters.

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