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@2009-06-08 09:01:12
I'm thinking of starting a dating service for CFA candidates. Means couples could get together over cheesy nibbles and talk LOS. Passing L3 would naturally be the culmination of a relationship, with a gift of handcuffs and some nice concrete boot door stoppers. One downside for the guys tho: so few girls you'll have to date each other. But think of how much you'll have in common.I'll throw in a free brick wall for y'all to bang your heads on.
@2009-06-11 22:42:43
Not a completely bad idea. One major drawback I can quickly think of is that "correlation" between any two CFA candidates (or charterholders) might be so high that "bad" would become "JUST as bad" in light of today's (seemingly) increasingly unpredictable financial and non-financial worlds. Both could succeed of course. But what if both fail... If one longs L. Dennis Kozlowski's company, the other is not unlikely to long Jeff Skilling's. If one drives a car whose front wheel suddenly falls off on the Interstate during a snowstorm, the other might discover his rear tire flatten on a narrow bridge in the midst of a twister warning. Life is no less complicated. So I guess my advice might be something like "diversify, diversify." One dumbass might be a better match for a smartass than might another smartass.

Just my two cents.
@2009-06-15 12:24:54
Excellent! Don't you guys, FedUp with the business school yahoos? I am a girl, who likes the numbers, but I manage to hide it as much as possible. I recall a a story I heard in the U of C. The prominent economist gave us a speech, where he mentioned the relationship between the main street and the economics as a science is pretty weak, if you will. Once, as he arrived for the conference and checked in the hotel, the concierge mentioned, that even hookers left, knowing about this conference....
@2009-06-16 15:36:27
Ha ha suckers. I beat you to the punch. I placed a personal ad on some local website the Sunday AFTER the exam, and mentioned my Saturday was spent in hell at the CFA exam. The bait worked and I hooked a level 2 candidate. I took level 3. So if I fail and she passes I have a potential study partner for next year. If we both fail we could consol each other. If I pass and she fails I could still help her out in her plight.It remains to be seen if I annoy her enough though :-)
@2009-08-05 12:44:07
Excellent Idea! And allow me to place a personal ad. I (male, 35) just started my CFA and wouldn't mind to find a female (study) partner. Preferably Level I, but II and III can come in handy as well. Currently, I'm assigned to South Africa but will return to The Netherlands at the end of september. Well, if you are a female, single, smart and interested, please send me a mail. My personal details will follow. C.U.
@2009-08-05 15:17:08
Male 30 here. Can surely use a female candidate in Cincinnati for CFA Level I pr II preparation.
@2009-08-07 22:25:32
Guys, are we running a CFA dating service for male CFA candidates?!
@2015-12-16 22:09:10
O.k. that's Funny!!
@2016-12-27 00:49:24
31F Level 1 June 16 candidate located here in Long Beach, CA - any study partners - not necessarily date... we will see how it goes! Stacey

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