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@2018-01-25 08:46:50
Any ideas or comments on the CFA Exam for person who has recently graduated college (undergrad) and only has 1 year of work experience. Is the material just too hard to absorb unless you either have an MBA or you have been involved in finance for several years? Some of the concepts seem extremely abstract to pick up on your own through books and study guides.
@2018-01-29 20:54:12
not really difficult, but time consuming...
@2018-03-16 18:55:09
Really, the exam is so broad and so "in-depth" that I doubt anyone's work experience is a great preparation for all of the materials. I have a BA in Accounting (from 14 years ago) and zero credits from graduate work. I passed Level I with about 400 hours study, so it can be done. Just don't try to do it without a good testing program to direct and focus your efforts. I use Allen, but there are others I'm sure. If you really want to do it, give yourself 12 months of consistent study so that you don't waste your testing fee. It's a TON of material to cover and remember.
@2018-04-14 01:12:17
the material is not difficult, per se, but there's a lot of it. It's also very in-depth. If you don't have direct experience, give yourself no less than 6 months. You need to put in at least 400 hours of study time to have a realistic chance of passing. the recommendation is 22 weeks, but, I'd add a few weeks so you can take time off in between, and I'd add more time since you're a relative beginner.
@2018-08-12 12:55:05
where can i find reliable mock exams?

are the question available at the practice exam on analystnotes as tough as the ones on the actual exam?

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