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@2005-05-25 04:22:19

Is there anyone taking CFA exam in Dubai?
Mail me :

I'm Preparing for LI Dec-2006.

@2005-05-25 08:08:17
you mean 2005?
@2005-08-16 18:43:12
hemufx, can you tell me what dubai is like for either IB or IM work. what is there of more? what's your income tax like (i'm assuming nothing or very low single digits). i'm interested in working there one day and want to see if there even is some work so that i can put this idea to bed now or keep it alive.
@2005-08-16 19:18:35
Hi, IBWork:

Could u explain to me what these mean " IB and IM." thx
@2005-08-17 07:55:16
Investment Banking (sell side) underwriting, m&a, corp fi.
Investment Management (buy side) mutual funds, pensions plans, insurance companies
@2005-12-12 07:34:56
are you around, Jinmilken?
@2005-12-28 20:20:01
IBWork, I can answer your questions, Dubai has no income tax, as of yet, but you never know, one day it might. Opportunities for IB and IM are growing since we have our own financial district, the Dubai International Financial Centre, which attracts companies like Morgan Stanley, Deutsche Bank, and many others. Theres also the Dubai International Financial Exchange, which the government here is working to make it up to standards with the likes of Hong Kong and New York in the future.

Hope I answer your questions :)

BTW, new member here.
@2006-02-12 12:37:22

I m Siva, appearing for LEVEL III exams in june 2006. PLs get in touch.


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I am using your study notes and I know of at least 5 other friends of mine who used it and passed the exam last Dec. Keep up your great work!